How ARS Works

Audience Response System (ARS) allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. Each person has a voting device (keypad) with which selections can be made. Each keypad communicates with a base station (receiver) connected to a computer using a usb connector. ARS is wireless and operates at radio frequency. After a set time or after all participants have answered, the system ends the polling for that particular question and tabulates the results. Typically, the results are instantly made available to the participants via a bar graph displayed on the projector.

All data may be collected from keypads according to participant names or anonymously.

Questions should be integrated into the system before the activity.

In addition to the presenter's computer and projector, Audience Response System has the following components;

 -  Base station (receiver)
 -  Keypads (voting devices) (one for each participant)
 -  Audience Response System software installed              computer        

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