Tips For Use Of ARS

• Audience Response System is a powerful communications tool. It is therefore important, to use it in a way which supports the primary objectives of your meeting.

• You may suspect that your organization needs to change in a number of areas. The system can be used to identify: the importance of change in each area; the best plan for change; and the level of support that a plan will have. In addition, you can do this voting anonymously, so the participants votes their real thoughts freely without any pressure.

• You have a project and your objective is to secure "Buy-In". During your presentation, you can include questions that basically ask, "Do you understand my plan? Do you agree with my plan? Will you support me?"

• We suggest that you write your Presentation first, then insert Keypad Questions that support the topic.

• If you use simple and clear questions, participants will understand and answer questions quickly.

• The group is asked to respond "yes" or "no" to an issue. You may add shades of gray by increasing the response range to include an "uncertain" category.

• Although it is easy to use a keypad, it is beneficial to introduce the system. It is also always desirable to ask some warm up questions to familiarize the group with the keypad operation.

• Reading the keypad question aloud when it is presented and saying “please vote now” will make the voting process faster.

• During the session, a number of different types of "Result" graphs may be displayed. The facilitator should draw conclusions, or lead the group to an understanding of the information presented.

• Using demographic questions will provide you detailed reports after the meeting.

• Waiting too long for the total population to respond will slow down the meeting. Typically a certain percentage of the audience will abstain or fail to respond in a reasonable time. Don't let 10% of the audience slow the meeting down.

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